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Beautifully Mown And Trimmed Lawns.

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Beautifully Mown Lawns.

Available throughout Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and surrounding areas, our reliable weekly, 10-day or fortnightly lawn mowing and trimming service takes the hard work out of mowing your lawn. We ensure your lawn is cut at the optimum height and that your edges are crisp and sharp. Ensuring that not only are you proud of your lawn, but it is the envy of your neighbours too.

We have limited bookings available for the current grass cutting season, so if you would rather be relaxing in the sunshine than pushing your mower endlessly up and down and wielding your strimmer, email us today for your free no obligation quote. If you are looking for more than just a lawn mowing service, we are able to offer a complete lawn care service.

Our 'mulching' mowers can reduce grass clippings whilst feeding your lawn at the same time. Mulching is not the same as leaving regular grass clippings on the lawn. Specifically designed mulching mowers have a second blade and refined cutting deck enabling the clippings to be cut so finely that they are blown into the sward and out of sight. Within hours, these start to break down enabling key nutrients to be released and carried back into the soil by micro-organisms and worms. Of course, if you prefer to have all your clippings collected as we cut your lawn, we are happy to oblige.

We only use professional machines with the latest 'fuel efficient - low emission' engines which are maintained to the highest standards with razor sharp blades ensuring a perfect cut, first time, every time.

We look forward to discussing your requirements and answering any questions you may have; to book your free, and without obligation home survey, we can be contacted at anytime on 07581 798 798. You can also contact us by the contact form and email link at the top of this page.

"We are a family run business who cares about it's customers, we want you to have the best possible service and offer a complete money back guarantee to anyone who is not 100% delighted with our service"

Eastleigh Home and Garden did a fantastic job of clearing up our overgrown garden, they were prompt to provide a very reasonable quote, & carried out the job extremely thoroughly & professionally, & we can now use our garden again!
Geoff & Cheryl, Fair Oak

Lawn Treatments.

To keep your lawn looking it's absolute best, we apply balanced lawn treatments at the correct time of year and tailored to specifically to your lawns requirements.

Selective herbicides are generally applied by spray. This method insures that only weeds are targeted and that the whole of your lawn is not covered in unnecessary products.

A typical spring treatment will have a high nitrogen content to revive your lawn from winter and will also contain potassium which helps protect against stress and establishing a higher resistance to prolonged dry spells, cold weather and general wear and tear. It may also contain iron to combat moss and a selective herbicide to control common broad leaved weeds.

Early Summer:
The early summer treatment also has a high nitrogen content to promote healthy plant growth and reduce competition from unwanted weeds. Potassium promotes overall plant health and a second application of selective herbicide to control broad leaved weeds.

Late Summer & Autumn:
Late summer and autumn treatments have a reduced nitrogen content whilst phosphorus is increased to promote root growth. Potassium content is increased and calcium and magnesium are now included to promote overall plant health.

An optional special formulation of key nutrients to help protect your lawn against frost and disease that the harsh winter weather can bring.

Waste Disposal.

We encourage recycling of all garden waste. If you have a compost heap, most garden waste can be added to this. The resulting free compost can be used in subsequent years around the garden. If you have a council green waste collection service this can be used too. These options have the benefits of keeping costs down and are environmentally friendly too. Where we are requested to remove garden waste, this will be included in the price quoted.

Registered waste carrier

Eastleigh Home & Garden Ltd are registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier. This ensures that your garden waste is transported and disposed of safely and legally.

Peace of mind.

We understand the importance of trustworthiness when it comes to allowing us access to your home and for this reason we are 'DBS' checked (formerly known as a CRB check). Copies of these, our 'Public Liability Insurance Policy' and client testimonials are all available upon request.

Fully Insured carpet cleaning.
Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning.
For your peace of mind, we are DBS checked

At Eastleigh Home & Garden we strive to be the best in our field, therefore you will always find us to be polite, punctual, efficient and uniformed.

Areas Covered.

Our services are available throughout Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Fair Oak and surrounding areas.